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Used Pilates Equipment
HEAin Northern California - Bay Area, Nevada, Oregon, Washington
... the Pacific Northwest, Alaska & Hawaii too
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Used CoreAlign by Balanced Body for sale in Santa Cruz, CA

CoreAlign with Freestanding Ladder
by Balanced Body

Used Balanced Body CoreAlign with Freestanding Ladder for sale in Santa Cruz County. Originally purchased in November 2018 and selectively used at home. In excellent, like new condition. Uses range from musculoskeletal rehabilitation, regular exercise regimen to enhancing athletic performance. This is the newer version of CoreAlign design, with longer frame, softer bumpers, and re-engineered resistance bands. New retail price is $3590, while this one is available for only ...


Located on Santa Cruz, CA
Local pick up only -- no shipping
Contact Cindy at

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HEAin Northern California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington ... and Alaska & Hawaii too

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Pilates Sports Center 818-788-8112
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HEAin Northern California (Bay Area), Nevada, Oregon, Washington ... and Alaska & Hawaii too

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