pilates fuzzies in fleece instead
fleece fuzzies for pilates
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LoopEase footloop covers

LoopEase™ footloop covers are washable, reversible, hypoallergenic, and easy to install and remove. The Polartec® fleece wicks away moisture and the slim wrap provides a sure, comfy grip.

Pilates enthusiasts can bring their own LoopEase to the studio, then bring them home to wash.

Studio owners can keep a few extra pair to rotate clean LoopEase onto the equipment.

LoopEase are 10" long (by 5.5" wide) black fleece footloop COVERS designed to fit over a 1.5" wide cotton or leather footloop common to Pilates equipment -- footloops are not included! LoopEase are designed to be changed quickly and laundered regularly.

Available now

LoopEase - 1 pair $30
LoopEase - 10 pair pack $270

pilates loop covers in washable fleece