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Pilates Apparatus

We assemble, maintain and repair Pilates apparatus in
Southern California.

We have experience with Pilates equipment manufactured by Balanced Body, Gratz Pilates, Peak Pilates, & Stott Pilates and we come packed with tools, hardware & detailing supplies.

On Reformers, we remove squeaks and creaks, align wheel systems, adjust footbars, and smooth out pulleys. On Cadillacs, we clean sliders and ensure all pipes are snug and secure. Wunda Chairs don't usually require a lot of service, but eyebolts can become loose, springs can get tweaked, and hinges can scream like a crying baby. Periodically, all equipment needs attention to improve appearance, performance and safety.

We'll install any manufacturer-supplied upgrades and retrofits to bring your older equipment up to modern standards. For the best information on how to care for Pilates equipment, check out your manufacturer's guidelines.

Gyrotonic® Equipment

We'll be happy to service your professional-grade Gyrotonic® equipment made by Juliu Horvath, Balanced Body, and Gyrotonic® Inc. Assemblies, repairs, you name it. If we hear of any used Gyrotonic Pulley Towers for sale, they will be posted on the Used Equipment page.

Email to Schedule Service

We'll come to you in Southern California!
For quickest service, please email your first & last name, street address, what type of equipment you have, and what you want to change on it. Feel free to email photos! Your invoice will be emailed when the service is done, so email contact is essential.

Posting Ads online

Click here if you would like to post information on the Used Equipment page, the Teacher Board, the Workshops & Certification page, the Business page, or on the
West Coast, Mountain, Central, and East Coast pages.

New Pilates Equipment buying advice

If you already have a relationship with a quality manufacturer such as Balanced Body, Gratz Pilates, Peak Pilates or Stott Pilates, please contact your representative directly.

If you're a first-time buyer looking for the just the right Pilates equipment, email me with your ideas and how much space you have.
Whether you're creating a home gym or launching a new studio, there are many options these days as home models and combination units continue to improve. Complete Studio Design & Consultation available.

Used Pilates Equipment buying advice

Stick with Pilates equipment from Balanced Body, Gratz Pilates, Peak Pilates & Stott Pilates. It's best to find a used piece near you that you can see and test before you buy. I don't recommend buying a used Reformer (or Cadillac or Wunda Chair) from across the US and having it shipped to you. Too risky with the packing and transportation and all, and you wouldn't really know what you'd be getting until it arrived.

Look for used Pilates equipment near you in Southern California or on the
West Coast, Mountain, Central, and East Coast pages.

A prepared buyer has the cash on hand and truck ready to roll. Tip #1: Do not contact the seller only to ask "Is this still available?" Just assume it is and don't waste an opportunity to move forward with the purchase. Get right to it.

When you locate something nearby that sparks your interest, go try it out. Do some exercises on it, test it thoroughly and see if it's what you're looking for. Bring your Pilates teacher if you need an expert eye. Negotiate a price with the seller and make the payment. Ask if a cashier's check is acceptible or use cash. Or -- if you happen to use the same bank -- buyer and seller can walk up to a bank teller with their debit cards and the transfer can be made simply at the counter. Make up two copies of a simple bill of sale which the buyer and seller can both sign and everyone is covered.

Determine which cool friend of yours has the largest pickup truck and get a strong helper or two for the heavy lifting. Maybe rent a pickup from u-haul. Someone on your team ought to know how to take the equipment apart and put it back together if that's necessary. Get the Pilates equipment assembly manual from the manufacturer to see what tools you'll need, how much the thing weighs, dimensions, etc. Load your newly-acquired Pilates apparatus in your truck, secure it with packing blankets and tie-downs, and take it home.

This local, face-to-face approach is best and avoids a lot of surprises. Locating, buying, and bringing home a piece of used Pilates equipment really comes down to researching the equipment and diligently following up on all your purchasing leads. Ask around at your local Pilates studio. Search your city using Craigslist. Look for Pilates trade shows and teacher conferences coming to a city near you. Nearly-new Pilates equipment is often used at an event, then sold. Equipment used to demonstrate at conferences (aka "demo pilates equipment") is often reserved months in advance, so it's best to plan ahead.

Sometimes there's just nothing near you. Maybe that's the way it is today. But as the industry continues to grow, more used Pilates equipment is bound to become available. Keep your Matwork sharp in the meantime. The following hand-written inspiration is from an old book I found on Ebay: "Everlasting youth to you and yours through Contrology", signed Joseph H. Pilates!

Looking for the best Pilates equipment manufacturers ?

The Pilates Guy LLC encourages equipment owners
to follow manufacturers' guidelines on assembly, maintenance & care